Dr. Cecilia Canales
Anesthesia, PGY 4

Dr. Daniel Okobi
Neurology, PGY 5

Contact MHO

Email Contact: OShoroye@mednet.ucla.edu


Community Investment and Recruitment Committee

Dr. Efe Chantal Ghanney
Urology, PGY 5

Dr. Chase Richard
Emergency Medicine, PGY 3

Dr. Brittany Tarrant
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PGY 5

Dr. Adrianna Stanley (Historian)
Medicine-Pediatrics, PGY 3

Community and Professional Development Committee

Dr. Jennifer Bailey
Pediatrics, PGY 2

Dr. Manal Khan
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PGY 6

Dr. Erica Manrriquez
Gynecologic Oncology, PGY 6

Dr. Precious Fortes (Historian)
Pathology, PGY 2


Health System Equity Committee

Dr. Lawrence Benjamin
Pulmonary and Critical Care, PGY 5

Dr. Freddy Ferguson
Family Medicine, PGY 2

Dr. Amanda Labora
General Surgery, PGY 3

Dr. Reza Hessabi (Historian)
Emergency Medicine, PGY 2