Hi friends! My name is Jennifer Bailey and I am so honored to serve as MHO co-president this year. I had the pleasure of serving on the inaugural board last year as a part of the CPD committee and cannot wait to see what we accomplish this year. I was born in Chicago and grew up in the south suburbs of the city. I first came to California for undergrad at USC (fight on!), then popped into the last big city on my list when I went to medical school in New York City. I knew I missed the California sunshine and all of the fun that living in SoCal provides so I came back and was more than happy to cross over to the dark side of town for my pediatrics residency at UCLA!

I decided to go into pediatrics for the ability to make an impact on the trajectory of my patients’ lives from their very first moments to some of their most formative during adolescence. And also honestly, pediatrics is fun! Children are such a natural group to advocate for, so when it came down to it, it was an easy choice for me.

Throughout my time in medical education, I have been interested in advocating for the underserved, improving diversity in medicine and also helping to make this challenging time as great as possible for those of us in the middle of the journey. It has been so fulfilling to do this work so far as part of the MHO.

Outside of work, I love trying new restaurants (especially for brunch), post-work Peloton rides, watching trashy reality TV, and trying to keep my orange tree alive.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine