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2021- 2022 Health Equity Grant Winner Names and Projects:

  • Brittany N. Burton, MD, MHS: Digital Divide: Disparities in Patient Perception of a Preoperative Telemedicine Bariatric Surgery Program. Mentors: Laleh Jalilian, MD; Maxime Cannesson, MD, PhD
  • Daniel Gonzalez, Kevin Truong and Daniel Stokes: Improving Care for Patients on Medi-Cal at the UCLA Santa Clarita Clinic: A Step Towards Expanding Access and Improving Quality within UCLA Primary Care for Medi-Cal Patients. Mentors: Dr. Gifty-Maria J. Ntim; Dr. Ana Rivera 
  • Nikko Gonzales MD (with collaborators Mary Obasi and Maria Garcia-Jimenez): Assessing Perceptions and Understanding of Colon Cancer Screening Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities Experiencing Housing Insecurity in Los Angeles County. Mentor: Sarah R. Goldgar, MD 
  • Khalda Ibrahim, MD: Leveraging Informatics Tools to Ensure High-Quality Transfusion Support for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease. Mentor: Andrea McGonigle, MD
  • Laura Santoso, MD: Targeting Air Pollution Health Disparities in Obstructive Lung Disease with Human-Centered Design. Mentor: Russell Buhr, MD, PhD