Minority House Staff outside of enjoying dinner at Fia in Santa Monica


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Happy Holidays to all of our MHO family! As the calendar year comes to a close, we join everyone in reflecting over the happenings of 2021. While this year has certainly brought its share of loss and mental/emotional/physical fatigue, we are grateful for the ability to continue building community with all of you and share in our collective joys and successes.

As we head into this new year, please remember that you are never alone. We are always here to cheer you forward and maintain a safe space whenever needed. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’d like to connect!

Happy Holidays and cheers to a new year!


Your Community & Professional Development Committee:

Jennifer Bailey, Precious Fortes, Manal Khan and Erica Manrriquez

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This is a colony kitchen/food truck-style eatery. They make amazing paratta rolls, which are considered Indian/Pakistani street food (meat/tofu marinated in spices, herbs, and yogurt, cooked, and wrapped in a paratta - different from naan bread). They also have amazing fritters (potato, onion and aubergine). My favorites at this place are the mastani roll, aloo (potato) fritters, cheesy jalapeno chicken tikka samosa and lassi.

@helloparatta (Manal Khan)




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Situated in the West Adams neighborhood, this lively spot blends traditional West African food and California cuisine. Try the oxtail and grits or chicken and waffles and wash it all down with a creative cocktail. Open for delivery if you’re post-call and just need some soul food for the couch!

@altarestaurant (Brittnay Tarrant)

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