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Alexandria Thomas, MD

Alexandria Thomas, MD (Chair)

Family Medicine, PGY3

Headshot of Amanda Labora, MD

Amanda Labora, MD

General Surgery, PGY4

Headshot of Angellica Gordon, MD

Angellica Gordon, MD

Nuclear Medicine, PGY 3

Armando Martinez, MD

Armando Martinez, MD

Cardiology, PGY5

Ayana Taylor, MD

Ayana Taylor, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, PGY3

Headshot of Brittany Tarrant, MD, MS

Brittany Tarrant, MD, MS

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Chief Fellow, PGY5

Headshot of Dr. Cecil Benitez

Cecil Benitez, MD, PhD

Radiation Oncology PGY4

Headshot of Chase Richard, MD, MBA

Chase Richard, MD, MBA

Emergency Medicine Chief Resident, PGY 4

Headshot of Christian Hernandez, MD

Christian Hernandez, MD

Emergency Medicine PGY3